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We consider human dignity very important in any occasion, based on “heart of philanthropy and services” and “ spirit of harmony”, we provide high quality nursing care with expertise in welfare field.

We always have good relations with families and our neighbors and we aim for the facility always be an open part of the community.

We support every resident to enjoy their lives with joy and happiness in safe environments.

With a good conscience and teamwork, we make our best efforts with the residents to fulfill their satisfaction at every moment.


A "residence" is the basis of this project.

We divided large building into three parts, so that each part will look like small house and also, to avoid creating the inside corridor to be long and tedious, the building sets back along the shape of the site eliminating institution like atmosphere for the residents.

There is a private room for each individual and a common living space where they dine and spend time together for enjoyment.

This concept signifies the ordinary house. In addition, a lounge, bar, library, and gallery is placed as a high hospitality space.

A fireplace is placed as a symbol in the lounge, which is intended for bringing the family together and creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. This enriches the amenities of the entire building.


Completion : August / 2005

Location: Muko-shi, Kyoto, Japan

Site area : 3,282.42 m2

Building area : 1,466.75m2

Total floor area : 3,748.78m2

Structure : Reinforced concrete, Partly steel frame

Stories : 3 stories

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